Survey your telecommunication towers faster and safer.

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We work with broadcasters to ensure that their infrastructure is operating as efficiently as possible.
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More cost-effective tower inspections.

Tower climbs typically take hours and costs thousands of dollars. Inspecting telco towers with drones dramatically reduces time and costs compared with traditional tower climbs. These funds can be better reallocated into more frequent inspections and increased capital expenditure to ensure optimal performance.

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Safer inspections and reduced risk from working at heights.

Inspecting telecommunication towers is highly dangerous and often requires the use of elevated work platforms, scaffolding, harnesses and abseiling. These high-risk activities demand significant resources and planning to perform them safely. Drones allow you to capture the same information safely from the ground.

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Digitise your assets for better management.

Digitise your infrastructure with high-resolution imagery and 3D modelling. Access and audit data about your assets from your desktop and collaborate easily with your team. This allows you to build more accurate and comprehensive records, prioritise tower projects and identify potential issues early. Machine learning algorithms can also provide predictive analytics and object recognition which enable deeper insights.

Telecommunications Solutions

We work with broadcasters to ensure their infrastructure is operating as efficiently as possible. We are able to deliver more cost effective, safe tower inspections. You can also digitise your assets for better management with high resolution imagery and 3D modelling.

Asset Inspection

High definition imaging, 3D modelling and digital thermography are just some of the applications made affordably accessible through remotely piloted aircraft operations. Combining intelligence from all three methods provides technical engineers with quantitative and qualitative data facilitating faster decision-making, reducing maintenance and repair costs and extending the useful life of valuable assets.

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We helped Broadcast Australia create a Telecommunications solution.

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