2D Mapping

High resolution land mapping technology

A Complete Overview with Identifiable Detail

Our SmartData 2D Mapping software is configured to display orthomosaic images and terrain datasets through an interactive 2D Viewer. This makes it valuable for visualising an overview of a site, or for capturing extremely high resolution imagery of your assets. The level of detail can be as low as less than 3cm per pixel resolution. A s the 2D Viewer has interactive capabilities, you can annotate, measure and mark up areas of interest before sharing the data with nominated team members through an easily accessed web-based platform. This makes for seamless project integration.

Once the images are captured, our 2D Orthomosaic mapping joins the images together for a large scale overview. This can be invaluable in determining georeferences, land boundaries, hazards, obstacles, trees, formations and other markers.

2D Mapping and Surveying with Drones

View and Explore Vast Areas

Our high resolution 2D Mapping delivers high quality imagery of your site in extreme detail. View and explore areas covering hundreds of square kilometres which can be closely examined through our 2D Viewer. The interactive interface lets you review, annotate and measure without the need for ground-based exploration or manned aircraft. Compared to satellite imagery or data captured from light aircraft, drone aerial imagery can deliver far higher resolution and detail at a much lower cost.

Track your Changing Landscape

Our 2D Viewer is of considerable advantage when gauging vast areas of land. The advanced capability and cost-effectiveness of drone operation gives you the power to monitor your landscape in real-time, without time-consuming physical exploration. Through regular aerial analysis and high resolution 2D orthomosiac mapping, you can keep better track of geological and topographical changes that may effect your operation. Our trained BVLOS pilots can also deliver remote visualisation in otherwise inaccessible areas such as restrictive terrains or unstable grounds.

Software For 2D Mapping

Drone Mapping Software

Reduce the Risk of Working at Heights

Traditionally, roof inspections are completed by people on EWP’s, or through workers climbing on and over roof assets. This increases the risk to worker safety, nor does it deliver a full perspective of the condition of a roof. Our 2D Mapping can create a complete map of your roof or roof asset in high resolution imagery. You can review, annotate and mark-up areas of concern before sharing the data through an easy access, web-based platform. Aerial roof inspection by drone is the most low-risk solution when it comes to examining older or structurally compromised buildings that are too dangerous to scale.

Improved Vegetation Management in Power Networks

Our drones can be equipped with LiDAR technology for the regular inspection of power transmission lines to assess line sag and the proximity of vegetation to power lines. This gives energy providers the ability to manage assets more proactively and predict potential outages. The supplied high resolution aerial imagery also gives energy companies the ability to better manage their risk profile when it comes to vegetation encroachment. This advanced examination technology ultimately results in less downtime for customers and better returns for your company.

2D Aerial Mapping

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