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Become a certified RPA controller with a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

RPA Certification Australia-wide

At the National Drones Institute we can train and certify you to obtain a remote pilot licence. To operate a drone which has a weight of above 2kg in Australia for Commercial Purposes, the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations dictate that you require a remote pilot licence (RePL). National Drones Institute also has CASA approval to issue certification on both fixed wing and multi-rotor systems up to 25kg.

Taught by some of the most experienced remote pilots in Australia, we have specifically designed our course to be informative, fun and practical. You’ll receive training on both multi-rotor and fixed wing systems.

If you intend on conducting any jobs or operations within controlled airspace, you will also require an aeronautical radio operator certificate. This gives you the ability to monitor the appropriate VHF aviation frequency as well as make broadcasts when operating within 3nm of a non-controlled aerodrome. The training and assessment for this certification is included in our Remote Pilot Licence Course.

Remote Pilot Licence or RePL

Access to online content

To complement our in class lessons, all of our students receive access to our extensive range of online learning materials. These materials come in the form of lessons and a study guide which as been co-authored by the Chief Remote Pilot of National Drones Institute and Bob Tait of Bob Tait’s Aviation Theory School. This means that you can start to look through some of the material prior to attending the course. Alternatively if you need to revise a concept or subject throughout or after the course you can do this through the online learning management system. Having access to these online materials greatly assists students in their studies and the understanding of concepts.

Topics covered in the RePL Course

Throughout our course, there is a syllabus which is covered to obtain your remote pilot licence (RePL).

The material which you have learnt about throughout the theory component of the course is then consolidated out in the field when conducting the flying or practical component. We can also tailor the flying component somewhat to suit your potential operation. For example, if you intend on conducting aerial photography, the exercises will focus on how to safely do that. If you intend to focus on mapping, then our aim will be to ensure you are given the tools and information to achieve that.

You can also view a list of our upcoming courses using the button at the bottom of this page.

Some of the topics which you will learn about include:

  • Form of the Earth – Latitude and Longitude
  • Map reading, electronic flight bags
  • Controlled Airspace and Aerodromes
  • Air Legislation and use of Drones
  • Identifying controlled airspace
  • Area approvals – When permission is required and how to obtain it when operating outside normal flight rules
  • Notams (Notice to airmen)
  • Principles of Flight
  • Weight and Balance
  • Human Factors, Threat and Error Management
  • Risk and Control measures
  • Aircraft Components and Systems
  • Flight planning and risk assessment
  • Operations manuals
  • Configuring and testing failsafes

Here’s a selection of a few of our upcoming courses

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    Online RePL


    2 days, Mon 9:00 AM - Tue 4:30 PM

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    Online Remote Pilot Licence Training


    9am - 4.30pm

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