AVI30419 - Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot)

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At National Drones, we believe in empowering the next generation of students, to dream bigger and use technology for good. Drones are increasingly becoming well known for their ability to increase safety and efficiencies, whilst reducing costs in comparison to traditional means of data capture. Drones are incredibly agile, and the latest technology means that they can provide rich, detailed information & data which can often be used across different departments to enhance business decisions. 

AVI30419 Certificate III Course Overview

Our AVI30419 – Certificate III in Aviation – (Remote Pilot) course is designed to take students from having never operated a RPA to obtaining your Certificate III under the guidance and tuition of experienced course instructors. Our course will also accredit students with an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC), which is required to operate an RPA in Controlled airspace.

This qualification is relevant to individuals operating remotely piloted aircraft (Drones) within visual line of sight, below 400 feet outside of controlled airspace, greater than 3 nautical miles from an aerodrome and outside of populous areas. Remote pilot duties include applying technical and non-technical aviation skills and knowledge. 

Our course is designed from the outset to be as engaging as possible through use of interactivity, supplemented with a study guide written specifically for RPA operations.

Further Course Information

Course Qualifications

Course participants will receive the following qualifications:

AVI30419 – Certificate 111 in Aviation (Remote Pilot)
Remote Pilot License
Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate 

Delivery Locations

We offer the course in both Queensland and Victoria. 

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  • E0001 Operate aeronautical radio
  • AVIF0013 Manage human factors in remote pilot aircraft systems operations
  • AVIF3023 Apply regulations and policies during remote pilot aircraft systems operations
  • AVIH3019 Navigate remote pilot aircraft systems
  • AVIK3002 Use info technology devices in an aviation workplace
  • AVIW3037 Manage remote pilot aircraft systems pre- and post-flight actions
  • AVIW3038 Operate and manage remote pilot aircraft systems
  • AVIY3073 Control remote pilot aircraft systems on the ground
  • AVIY3074 Launch remote pilot aircraft systems
  • AVIY3075 Control remote pilot aircraft systems in normal flight
  • AVIY3076 Recover remote pilot aircraft systems
  • AVIY3077 Manage remote pilot aircraft systems in abnormal flight situations
  • AVIY3078 Manage remote pilot aircraft systems energy source requirements
  • AVIZ3052 Apply situational awareness in remote pilot aircraft systems operations

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