Better understand the condition of hard to reach assets using Drone inspection techniques and technology.

Safe and detailed Drone inspections every time

Let us help you transform and upgrade your operations with advanced drone technology and aerial data capture. By removing the need for time-consuming manual inspection, you can examine and analyse your commercial and industrial site assets more frequently, and in greater detail. This effectively removes a number of serious risks to you and your employees while lowering your operating and staffing costs.

Aerial examination isn’t only a safer option for asset inspection and monitoring, but it will allow you to reduce expenditure on physical equipment and staffing costs. Our drones can reach dangerous heights and check high-voltage structures in a matter of minutes, while previous methods of elevated exploration could take days or weeks. Our operators are fully trained to capture the necessary data to meet OH&S compliance.

Safer asset inspections

Drone technology has a wide range of applications when it comes to asset inspection, especially when dealing with tall and multi-storey structures or power and electricity infrastructure. Our high-resolution aerial photography and SmartData software enables the exploration and examination of power stations and electricity lines, telecommunication towers, high rise constructions, building sites, dams, wind turbines, solar panels, commercial roofs, industrial lighting and more.

Safer asset inspections
Drone Roof Inspection

Frequent roof inspection for proactive management

Instead of reacting to issues that arise, aerial technology enables you to get on the front foot when it comes to inspecting roofs and roof structures. Thanks to the relative cost-effectiveness of drones, you can get a comprehensive view more frequently for proactive upkeep and maintenance. As our aerial technology provides detailed asset insights through high-resolution imagery and thermal imaging, you’ll benefit from a richer delivery of data that enables you to pre-empt and prevent potential problems.

Digitise your assets

Drones enable more accurate and comprehensive digital data about your assets in real-time, along with machine learning and predictive analytics through SmartData software. This allows you to access, annotate and share data from the Inspection Viewer and 3D Modelling with your team via desktop and multiple devices. You can control permissions and grant user access to interested parties and stakeholders at any time.

SmartData Software

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