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Advanced surveying & inspection solutions

Let us assist you in modifying your current methods of surveying and inspection. By employing aerial intelligence, you will be able to easily view and analyse remote and difficult locations, map large land areas and access terrain that is too dangerous for human-based exploration. Our aerial intelligence tools also enable you and your team members to observe elevated and vertical assets without the risks and costs associated with working at heights.

National Drones provides ISO-accredited aerial intelligence and data solutions across a range of industries including telecommunications, mining, power and utilities, and infrastructure. We work with major corporations, government agencies, environmental bodies and industry officials to streamline and digitise their processes.

No matter your project, National Drones can assist you in getting a better return on your investment.

Our Certifications

BS OHSAS Certificate ISO Certificate  DSQ Certificate

Drone Surveying

National Drones will change the way you execute large aerial surveys through the delivery of high-resolution imagery, georeferencing, 2D orthomosaics and 3D modelling. Our technology is employed across multiple industries to deliver detailed location information and data-rich insights for major commercial, government and environmental projects. We incorporate proven technologies including LidAR laser surveying, thermal imaging and Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) piloting.


Drone Inspections

National Drones provides safer, lower-cost options for inspections that need to be performed at height. By completely digitising your asset inspections, you’ll save time, reduce expenditure and lower any risks to your staff. Aerial inspection has application across a range of industries to assist with the observation and maintenance of vertical assets such as high-voltage towers, elevated platforms, multi-storey buildings, stockpiles, wind turbines, solar panels, roofs, scaffolding and more.


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