Inspection Viewer

Examine vertical assets in detail

View your assets safely and frequently

Our Inspection Viewer delivers high-resolution images and videos of vertical assets, multi-storey structures and roofs. The interface allows the end user to navigate vertical and elevated assets without the need for traditional and precarious methods of observation. A comprehensive visual of the asset is built via high resolution imagery for in-situ observation and analysis.

Inspection Viewer

Designed for Vertical Asset Inspection

High-powered drones, coupled with our dynamic inspection viewer, is the ultimate tool for safe and timely visual inspections of your vertical assets portfolio. Examine vertical structures such as power lines, electricity transmission towers, telecommunication towers, industrial lighting, dam walls and wind turbines. Seamless navigation delivering high resolution images enable you to review the captured data easily and safely from your laptop or desktop. Our deep learning networks can also assist in extracting valuable information for more efficient asset management.

Automate your Workflows with Deep Learning

Without the need to physically scale vertical structures, you can automatically identify areas of corrosion on energy and telecommunications assets, or hazardous hotspots on solar panels.  Our deep learning models are constantly being trained and improved, allowing for faster, more accurate identification of issues. This leads to less subjectivity over results and more responsive, focused action.

Our drones are also equipped with LiDAR technology for the regular inspection of power transmission lines to assess line sag and the proximity of vegetation to power lines. This gives energy providers the  ability to manage assets more proactively and predict potential outages.

Conducting Inspections

Professional drone flight app for inspection

Get the Full Picture with Thermal Imagery

Using our powerful inspection viewer platform, thermal and RGB imagery can be reviewed side by side. This facilitates you with extra, useable data-points to better maintain your critical assets. Whether you run a solar farm or supply critical energy infrastructure, the Inspection Viewer allows you to collect, review and analyse your data easily and safely.

Increase Efficiency of Solar Farm Inspections

Equipped with thermal imaging technology, our powerful drones can perform analytical flyovers of large solar farms. The Inspection Viewer not only gives you can an aerial overview of your assets, but allows thermal image visualisation so you can identify hazardous hotspots and damaged panels.

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Safer Inspections of Infrastructure and Roof Assets

Reviewing the condition of roofs and roof structures using the Inspection Viewer enables proactive upkeep and maintenance.  The detailed images can reveal defects in the roof structure or general weather damage. Thermal imaging can also determine the presence of heat or unwanted moisture. Aerial roof inspection is also a low-risk solution when it comes to examining older or structurally compromised buildings that are too dangerous to scale.

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