SmartData Software

Digital visualisation and interaction

Empower your Workforce and Manage Asset Inspections

Increase team productivity and enable seamless collaboration with our cloud-based SmartData platform. This software has been specifically designed by National Drones for improved asset management and data visualisation in the Telecommunications, Energy and Mining sectors. Built to be accuracy-first, SmartData provides powerful and easily transferable information that enables better decision making for improved ROI.  The cloud-based platform enables inspection of infrastructure and assets from your device’s desktop. You can also control user access permissions so multiple users can access data and generate relevant reports. All captured data can be stored with SmartData, so have reliable access when you need it.

Drone Mapping Software

Multiple Views of your Asset

Use our inspections, 2D Orthomosaic, 3D or CAD viewer to completely visualise and interact with your own assets from multiple angles. Get a complete perspective from overhead with spatial data allowing you to make accurate digital measurements. View vertical assets and tall structures from various elevations to build a detailed 3D model. Our interactive, user-friendly interface gives you the ability to examine, measure and annotate captured data. SmartData can then facilitate the generation of reports and results to clients, stakeholders and team members.

Easily Share and Report Data

SmartData is a collaborative software tool that facilitates better team collaboration. The implementation of aerial intelligence through drone technology results in the accelerated capture of high quality data. This can be readily shared amongst key stakeholders, project managers and the relevant authorities with our web-based platform. You can create teams and users, control access and permissions, restrict editing and viewing rights, and generate PDF reports. This allows key personnel, project management teams and stakeholders to receive a complete picture of relevant information to satisfy their interests, investments and obligations from anywhere in the world.

Professional Drone Mapping Software

Drone Mapping Software

Monitor Critical Asset Trends Over Time

Our time series data availability allows you to compare current and previous images side-by-side, so you can monitor the condition of an asset over time. If your infrastructure is critical, our SmartData platform makes it simple to view changes on a frequent basis. This enables better asset performance, less critical downtime and the ability to highlight issues – and action them – before they become a problem.

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