Aerial Photography

Gain a different perspective with aerial photography.

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Capture a unique vantage point.

Drones provide the unique opportunity to shoot conduct aerial photography in order to capture amazing aerial images without needing a fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter or other manned aircraft. Drones are also versatile. They can fly a few centimetres off the ground or over 400 feet in the air, to give you maximum flexibility.

High-resolution imagery without the hassle or price tag.

Hiring a plane or a helicopter to shoot aerial images can be really expensive. Weather, aircraft, pilot and photographer availability, airspace restrictions and other factors can also make non-drone methods complicated. Drones take the hassle away and simplify the process. Using drones for aerial photography make it a lot more affordable and can work with almost any budget.

Safety First

Depending on your specific application, one of the biggest benefits of drones is their safety. Working from heights is one of the most dangerous things you can do. So whether it’s inspecting a telecommunications tower, a roof, a façade, a stockpile or something else, drones provide a safe working environment which is better for everyone.

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