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National Drones can help you completely modify your current methods of surveying and mapping. Traditional land surveying requires considerable resource deployment such as traversing large-scale areas and waterways, accessing remote locations, taking measurements, moving equipment and travelling long distances. Our advanced drone technology enables you to map, view and measure without the prohibitive expense of manned aircrafts.

By providing detailed aerial survey conducted via drone, surveyors can capture useful data and identify topographical markers such as trees, building locations, roads, waterways, hazards, elevations and property boundaries with ease. This can save you thousands of man-hours associated with terrain exploration while reducing the need for expensive equipment and travel allowances.

2D Mapping - Surveying with a drone

Detailed mapping & data capture

Drones can take high-definition photos at different angles, creating millions of data points, including georeferences, elevation points, terrain details and colours. Our GPS assisted drones with collision protection and active camera stabilisation are fitted with ultra-high resolution cameras capable of capturing images in 4K-UHD resolution.

Combining these images, we provide 2D orthomosaics and 3D models, allowing you to see even more detail than traditional methods of surveying. Our SmartData software gives you fast access to the aerial data, supported by a user-friendly interface. This allows the captured information to be seamlessly integrated into your project plans.

Improved safety & access

Drone technology can help you and your team members survey otherwise inaccessible or dangerous locations such as elevations, unstable or steep terrain, flooded grounds, disaster sites and wildlife habitats. Surveyors can work safer and reduce their job risk factor by utilising drones for research, mapping and exploration.

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