Building & Roof Inspection

Better, safer building and roof inspections.

Perform more regular inspections and extend the life of your building.

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Conduct safer building and roof inspections.

Drones allow for easier and safer inspection of roofs, buildings, facades, plant and equipment. Traditionally, inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas needed elevated work platforms, scissor lifts, scaffolding or ladders which put you and your team at risk. Drones make simple work of building and roof inspections and they make the whole process safer.

Extend the life of your building.

It’s no secret that regular, preventative building maintenance adds years to the life of your building. Combined with substantial cost savings, drones provide a true win-win.
High-resolution thermal imaging can expose surplus moisture, defects in insulation, air leaks around doors and windows, roof leaks, loose ductwork, mechanical issues relating to HVAC systems under load and even termite infestations.

Faster data capture and better reporting.

Traditional building and roof inspection can take significant man-hours and resources which can be costly. Drones can be rolled out on site quickly and they can capture data at speed and at scale, which is beneficial especially if you have time constraints and multi-location facilities. Drone technology also allows for faster data processing and a better quality asset register with geo-location precision.

Our Industries

Our Industries

Commercial Real Estate

We work with commercial property managers to optimise the performance of their property assets and facilities using drones.

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Our Industries

Building & Construction

We help asset and facility managers understand the performance and depreciation of their assets through regular inspection regimes and dilapidation reporting.

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We helped NSW Schools create a Building & Roof Inspection solution.

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Our Industries

National Drones provided aerial inspection services to determine the maintenance condition of school roofs across NSW for maintenance planning. National Drones were exceptional in planning and programming of the inspections in a collaborative manner given the schools were in operation. The service was provided in an efficient and professional manner.

Department of Education - NSW

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