Light detection and ranging or LiDAR is an established technology which measures distances through pulsed laser technology. We incorporate this technology with our drone hardware for drawing accurate 2D maps and building 3D models to scale. LiDAR has the ability to provide a dense cloud of millions of 3D points per second. Each point combines to create a rich 3D model of the target object or area. Through the use of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and GNSS receivers, each measurement or data point can be georeferenced.

LiDAR point cloud data can also be used to map entire cities, assess infrastructure and check tolerances between plans and as-built drawings on construction sites. This technology has the unique advantage of being able to penetrate through dense vegetation unlike aerial photogrammetry. This allows for a more accurate Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for areas covered fully or partially by trees or vegetation. Without LiDAR, ground level readings are near impossible.

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Lidar Sensors

Identify Vegetation Encroachment Issues

Power network providers have a duty to ensure that vegetation overgrowth isn’t infringing on electricity lines or power infrastructure where it could cause faults. Drone data collection and reporting on these potential hazards enables preventative action to be taken and the encroaching vegetation to be removed.

Measure Sag, Lean and Height

The high point density collection capability of our scanner allows the collection and digitisation of asset data in the power and utilities sector. LiDAR equipped drones can measure the angle of power pole or tower lean, identify line sag, check conductor height and other factors from one detailed dataset.

LIDAR Mapping System

LiDAR - Drone-based Sensing

Capture Data Day or Night, Aerial or Vehicle

Unlike photogrammetry, our LiDAR technology allows the ability to capture data in low or no light. To capture large areas like roads or rail, we can mount the scanner to a vehicle to allow collection of these corridors, day or night. To pick up larger areas, drone mounting will allow a wider scan pattern.

Stream your Data into a Browser

Whether from city level data or microsite scans, we can deliver point cloud data to you through our cloud-based platform. This eliminates the need for additional infrastructure on your own site, and allows data to be shared with relevant stakeholders simply and easily.

Drone surveying & mapping with LiDAR

LiDAR Systems

Digitise your Infrastructure

LiDAR surveys use light detection and ranging to measure distances to objects, and create a digital environment of the scanned area. With point densities which can exceed many hundreds of points per meter, our in house designed and built Tyto scanner is the perfect, cost effective companion to scan your assets and create point clouds to interact with.

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