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Unleashing the Future of Aviation with USQ and National Drones

Harness the power of innovation and take the skies with National Drones in collaboration with the esteemed University of Southern Queensland.

We have an extensive background in aviation and national operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems & aerial software development. As a fully accredited RPAS training facility, we offer commercial drone licensing and training from some of Australia’s most experienced pilots. 

Whether you’re a novice with aspirations to explore the skies or an organization aiming for commercial mastery, our meticulously crafted courses will be your guiding star.

At National Drones, we pride ourselves on being more than just an educational institute; we are pioneers in the realm of aviation and remote piloted aircraft systems. Our comprehensive offerings range from foundational Drone Awareness to specialized courses like Sub 2kg Excluded Category and the intricate AVI30419 Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot).

Join hands with leaders in the drone industry. Our collaborations span across Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, and major educational and corporate giants. Dive deep into the world of drones and aerial technologies with the guidance of Australia’s most seasoned pilots.

Witness the fusion of top-tier technology and unmatched expertise. Welcome to the future of aviation.

Drone Training

Format of Delivery: A Comprehensive Blend of Theory & Practice

1. Interactive Theoretical Training:
Delve deep into the intricate world of drone aviation through our cutting-edge online learning management system. This isn’t just another online module; it’s an immersive educational experience. Our LMS is replete with:

  • High-Quality Videos: Visualize concepts with clear, high-definition videos that simplify complex ideas.
  • Detailed Content: Grasp vital subjects like aircraft systems, weather hazards, risk assessments, and more, preparing you for real-world challenges.
  • Engaging Interactivity: Our platform encourages active participation, ensuring you retain and understand every piece of information.

2. Hands-on Practical Training:
Once you’ve grasped the theoretical foundations, it’s time to step into the field. Over an intensive two-day session, you’ll:

  • Master RPA Maneuvers: Learn takeoffs, landings, emergency procedures, and advanced flying techniques.
  • Understand Drone Maintenance: Familiarize yourself with drone anatomy, ensuring your equipment is always in peak condition.
  • Experience Real-World Scenarios: Through simulated challenges and tasks, experience what it’s truly like to operate an RPA in varying conditions.

3. Flexible Scheduling & Instant Access:
We understand the importance of flexibility. Students can pre-select their course dates for Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. As soon as the payment is cleared, you gain immediate access to the LMS, kickstarting your journey without delay.

Special Offer for UniSQ Students:
In recognition of our valued partnership with the University of Southern Queensland, we’re thrilled to offer a significant discount on our course fees. UniSQ students can now access this comprehensive training package for just $1000 ex GST, a testament to our commitment to quality education that’s accessible to all.

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Master the Skies with National Drones RePL and USQ Partnership

In an era where technology takes centre stage, obtaining a Remote Pilot License (RePL) signifies mastery, proficiency, and dedication. In Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) mandates the RePL for operating drones weighing above 2kg for commercial endeavours.

National Drones, in a groundbreaking partnership with the University of Southern Queensland, presents a seamless blend of online theory and hands-on practical training. Immerse yourself in the world of drones digitally and then refine your skills in the field under the vigilant eyes of our esteemed trainers.

Our CASA-Approved courses are the hallmark of quality and excellence, tailored to suit both the curious novices and the seasoned professionals. Whether you’re gearing up for a commercial venture or fuelling a passionate hobby, with National Drones, you’re not just earning a license; you’re setting the gold standard in drone aviation.

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