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Powering Progress: A Case Study on Drone Inspections of 25,000 Power Poles

National Drones is helping to lead a shift in utilities sector inspection programs, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient and safe power pole inspections. Our work with a local utility provider revolutionised the inspection of a staggering 25,000 distribution poles across the region.

Our client was determined to leverage innovative technology to tackle age-old challenges and redefine their maintenance processes. By choosing to collaborate with National Drones, they were able to obtain a thorough examination of their power poles, down to the minutest of details, all thanks to our advanced drone inspections.

Our drone-enabled solutions negate the need for lineworkers to climb poles or work at heights, thereby enhancing worker safety. We provide crystal-clear, high-definition visual evidence of pole conditions, spotting even the smallest issues like woodpecker holes, decay, hardware corrosion, and more. This case study delves into how drone inspections are elevating efficiency and safety in the utility sector, one power pole at a time.


Traditionally, inspecting power poles over expansive geographical areas presented a complex, time-consuming, and perilous task. Technicians were often required to traverse rugged terrains, battle inclement weather, and climb great heights to examine each pole individually. The manual nature of this process led to significant inconsistencies and subjective judgments, as evaluations often depended on the individual inspector’s experience and perspective. Furthermore, the data collected from these inspections would often become siloed within different departments or systems, leading to a fragmented view of the infrastructure’s overall health.


This disconnection not only hindered prompt and accurate decision-making but also amplified the potential for oversights and errors. The lack of a unified, objective approach to inspections resulted in inefficiencies, increased costs, and potential safety risks, emphasising the need for a more technologically advanced, consistent, and holistic solution.



With the aim of modernising power pole inspections, National Drones leveraged the power of advanced drone technology to capture high-quality, granular data of the assets. Our comprehensive drone inspections enabled seamless desktop assessments and facilitated effective asset maintenance lifecycle planning. The aerial perspective offered by drones, combined with high-resolution imaging technology, allowed us to capture detailed images and videos of the power poles, revealing the true condition of the assets far more accurately than traditional inspection methods.


The high-resolution data collected not only eliminated the subjectivity inherent in manual inspections, but also created a unified database that facilitated an integrated, holistic view of asset health. In doing so, National Drones provided an innovative, efficient, and safe solution to overcome the traditional challenges, ushering in a new era of utility management with drone inspections.



The drone inspections conducted by National Drones yielded great results, exemplifying the immense potential of this technology in revolutionising asset management. The project facilitated the collection of approximately 150,000 high-resolution images of easements and pole tops, a wealth of data that surpassed the capabilities of traditional inspection methods.

These images not only enabled detailed desktop assessments but also allowed for advanced analytics to be applied, offering deep insights into the condition and lifecycle of the assets. With this treasure trove of data at their disposal, utility providers were better equipped to make informed decisions on asset management. This wealth of objective information facilitated forward planning, provided clarity on necessary remediation actions, and most importantly, ensured better uptime for these critical assets.


National Drones’ solution hence resulted in not only a significant enhancement in operational efficiency and safety but also a transformation in the approach to asset lifecycle management. The project underscored the game-changing potential of drone inspections in reshaping the future of the utility industry.

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