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The Power of Aerial Photography

Australia is one of the most highly urbanised countries in the world according to the Bureau of Statistics.’  Population data clock the number of people in Australia at 24 million and apparently most of the recent population growth has occurred in the major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. This urban shift in the last decade made Australia’s major cities home to almost 80 per cent of the Australian population.

More often are infrastructure development projects impacting peoples’ business and everyday life. People want to influence the decisions on whether proposed projects get the green light or not. However, infrastructure projects can be very complex and hard to grasp and it can be difficult for some people to visualise dimentions and finished products just by looking at engineering drawings and maps.

Aerial photography can improve situational awareness and reduces speculative ideas and false perceptions. It can be an effective strategy for establishing and maintaining necessary common ground. Powerful aerial imagery can be a key component of effective community consultation through high-resolution aerial photography that can help government body representatives and/or property developers to communicate the benefits of urban infrastructure projects in various ways. For example, a bird’s eye view of a location can help all stakeholders subscribe to a new point of view.

Before and after comparisons utalising aerial views, combined with location data also provides powerful insights that are not possible to obtain from the ground level. Previous and current imagery comparison of a project location is also an effective way to emphasise the positive aspects of a project.

National Drones are specialists of aerial photography and have developed an Australia wide team of fully insured, CASA certified, professional UAV controllers, operating across the country.

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