National Drones And Fly UAS Merge

National Drones, Australia’s first and only franchised, ISO9001:2015 compliant, fully insured, CASA certified (CASA.UOC.0458) drone services provider with flight controllers located throughout Australia, is pleased to announce the completion of its merger and acquisition of one of Australia’s leading RPAS flight training schools, FlyUAS. As part of this merger and acquisition, Ben Harris, Director of FlyUAS will become a Director of National Drones, and likewise, Kevin Scrimshaw and Brad Aylett, Directors of National Drones will become Directors of FlyUAS.

Whilst both companies will continue to promote their service separately; with National Drones being responsible for conducting RPAS flight operations, and FlyUAS being responsible for RPAS training, National Drones franchisees will benefit from the arrangement in so far as having access to heavily discounted rates for initial RPAS training and any future additional endorsements.

In the fullness of time, Ben Harris who in addition to being a certified and experienced UAV controller, is a qualified commercial pilot of fixed wing aircraft, will take over Kevin’s role as Chief Controller for National Drones, allowing Kevin to concentrate on his area of strength in business, franchise and market development for National Drones.

For more information on the services offered by National Drones, visit or call 1300 SKY VIEW (1300 759 843). For more information on FlyUAS, please visit or call 1300 FLY UAS (1300 359 827)

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