360° Camera Revolutionises Inspections

National Drones, Australia’s first aerial photography, aerial videography, aerial spotting and aerial surveillance franchised business system has introduced the Ricoh Theta 360 camera to its fleet of drone services operating throughout the country. The 360 degree Ricoh camera uses two fisheye lenses on each side of the camera stick and automatically stitches images into an interactive panorama suitable for viewing on a standard computer, iPad or iPhone screen, or through new VR (virtual device) technologies such as the Samsung Galaxy VR or Google Cardboard.

Kevin Scrimshaw, CEO of National Drones, said that the Ricoh Theta 360 camera is a “new world technology” that revolutionises conventional photo and video capture, and will add significant value to the company’s building and asset inspection services. He said that the camera’s ability to shoot 360 degrees would reduce the need for a drone’s flight path to be repeated in order not to miss any part of the inspection footprint. Currently, where a conventional camera is required to be directed on a specific part of a building or asset, it can now fly past the inspected area only once, capturing everything on all elevations. This footage can be assessed by the client at leisure, with the added benefit of being able to zoom in to a specific area or defect for further assessment.

“We expect the current interest in drone services to continue to develop, as more businesses begin to realise the potential that drone services offer in cutting costs, delivering efficiencies and saving time. The Ricoh Theta 360 camera will continue to develop to become an important tool in asset and infrastructure inspections throughout the world,” Scrimshaw explained.

National Drones’ franchisees conduct drone inspection services in most states of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane Adelaide and Darwin. To discuss a specific drone asset or building inspection, contact can be made by calling 1300 SKYVIEW. (1300 759 843)

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