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Build Australia Magazine – Nov Issue

It seems lately everyone’s talking about drones. “Drones delivering pizza.” “Drones made out of dead cats”! (Don’t believe me? Google it!)  Next thing you know drones will be parting water and raising the dead for goodness sakes!


Seriously, it’s time to get real! Drones are not the Messiah, and in fact in the wrong hands, can be a “very naughty boy”!  (Ode to Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”.)


On building and construction sites, drones can indeed be useful tools.  From the design chapter of a new building project to the end-of-life phase of a structure slated for demolition, drones can play an important part in providing industry professionals with visualisation over a project, from inception to repose.


National Drones has one of Australia’s largest, most geographically dispersed teams of drone operators capable of capturing a bird’s eye view of projects in just about every stage of development (or demolition).  Right from the architect’s desk, drones can be used to help create digital representations of proposed buildings to enable planners to analyse (for example) the likely acceptability of a building in terms of ‘neighbourhood integration’.


Real Estate Marketers can use drone imagery to “sell the views”. During construction, project monitoring is enabled providing daily, weekly and even monthly progress reports, updating stakeholders with a minimum of inconvenience.


Demolitions (as we all know) involve a multitude of potential hazards.  Using drones to capture and identify the ostensible risks enable superior risk mitigation. It’s kind of what they call, a “no-brainer”.


Be careful however as not all Drone operators are created equal. Look for an operator that is ISO9001: 2015 accredited, that is CASA Certified and fully insured to deliver a legally compliant, quality assured service.


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