August 2016 | National Drones

Drones. Quicker Smarter Cheaper Safer

As the public’s fascination with drone’s skyrocket, the use of aerial vehicles for many businesses is rapidly offering a quicker, smarter, more cost effective and a much safer way to operate. And with such a vast array of aerial drone services available, industries of all proportions are welcoming the use of drones in order to deliver them a multitude of efficiencies.

Drones save time. Now days the speed of which we expect information is non compromising. We demand information faster than ever before and as new statistical data is made readily available, we seem
Terrain model imageto be less patient and more demanding. Data from the use of drones, such as photographic imagery, maping, location surveying, distance and volumetric calculations amongst other services, enable instant decision making, increasing business productivity and profits.


Drones offer intelligence. Smart apps are being utilised for the use of drones. Uses such as monitoring changes on the ground, whether it be soil material, buildings, structures or fauna. Information such as 2D and 3D imagery of terrain and buildings, mapping of large areas that includes accurate location X5 camera imagesurveying, distance monitoring and volumetric calculations are all readily available.  Whether it’s surveillance, drone photography, a search and rescue or a promotional video, cameras are smaller, yet more advanced than ever before and are shooting in 6K HD with still images of 16 megapixels.

DrRooftop imageones reduce costs.  Many existing workplace procedures such as the inspection of inaccessible assets, buildings, roofs, towers, light poles and power lines can all be expensive to access.  The setup of mobile, mechanical work platforms or rope access methods that have previously been utilised, are no longer required. Drones also reduce the need for individual professionals to be on site, whereby data or images can be sent remotely, avoiding travel costs.

Drones reduce risk. Working at height is dangerous and contributes overwhelmingly to workplace injury and deaths each year. Inspection of high assets such as power lines and roofs are considered amongst the most dangerous occupations in the world, however no longer does a building inspector need to access a roof top or a power line worker need to get into a bucket. In most cases a drone is operated from the ground, mitigating any risk to equipment and persons.

National Drones is one of Australia’s largest drone service providers. With operators covering the country they offer aerial drone services that include drone photography, drone building inspection and drone videography. Services extend also to real estate markets, including virtual tours, internal photography and promotional videos. National Drones can be contacted by calling 1300 SKYVIEW or by visiting the website here.

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